16 Jan - 2 Feb 2025

Danny Kyle Open Stage

The Danny Kyle Open Stage (DKOS) was set up in 1999 in memory of Danny Kyle, as a platform to hear ‘tomorrows talent today’.  Originally run by Gibb Todd and Liz Clark, Liz has produces and presented the stage since 2012 .

Artist have come from every corner of Europe, from as far away as Australia, USA, Canada, South America, Africa, to perform on DKOS and since 2008 Liz has presented DKOS  live with her media partners Celtic Music Radio to an estimated 110K over the festival worldwide.

2024 sees the 25th year of the stage hosted at Celtic Connections , having had over 5000 artists from solo, bands, choirs and all combinations in between performing on the stage.

DKOS has been pivotal in launching the careers of all the artists.  Notably the 152 acts comprising of 457 artists who were awarded a prestigious ‘Danny’,  going on to perform on main stages not only at Celtic Connections, but often headlining at festivals and venues in the UK and worldwide.

The six acts that are chosen to receive a Danny are given a Showcase on the last Sunday of the festival and at the first Saturday at next year’s Celtic Connections festival, and in many cases are given a support slot at the next year’s festival. Since 2008 Liz has also broadcast daily live throughout the festival all artists with her media partners Celtic Music Radio to an estimated 100K listeners.

Click here to apply now.

Closing date is 31 Dec 2023, all those successful with be informed by 10th January 2024.

Successful applicants will be awarded a 20 minute slot with 5 other acts on the night.

There is no remuneration for appearing on DKOS.