14 Jan - 31 Jan 2021

Information & services

What services can I expect from the Celtic Connections Press Office?
The Press Office will be open every day of the festival and is based in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Aside from issuing a media pass and review tickets, the office provides a range of other services including:


All you need to know about the festival - how it started, interesting facts and figures, biographical information on artists, story ideas, promotional materials and press releases. Daily press releases can also be emailed direct to your office.

Access to Artists

The Press Office will where possible set up interviews with artists and can provide space for interviews to take place. We are also happy to set up telephone interviews before the festival begins.

Accreditation and Review Tickets

To apply for media accreditation, please complete the online form. Once we have processed your application we will get in touch to let you know if you have been accredited – please note that we may request that you provide us with a commissioning letter from your editor or producer, or copies of articles you have written on previous Celtic Connections festivals. 

Please note that accreditation does not guarantee review access to concerts, and review ticket request forms still have to be completed even if you have a media pass.

Accredited press can collect their media pass from 12pm, Thursday 16 January at the Press Office in the Concert Hall.

Photo Access

Photo access is granted for editorial purposes only, and must be applied for as part of the accreditation process. Photo passes are issued on a show by show basis and an online accrediation form should be filled in at least 48 hours before the concert. The Press Office will inform photographers whether access has been granted on the day of the concert. Once access is granted normal rules apply (unless the artist states specific photo access restrictions); photographs may be taken during either the first 15 minutes or the first 3 numbers of a show, and a flash may not be used.

Filming Access
The festival facilitates news access through the Press Office. A filming request form is available on request and must be filled in and returned no later than 12 days before the performance. Please remember any filming must be for news use only and not for archive or any other use, and filming permission must be obtained by contacting the Press Office.
1.    Up to 30 seconds of any one artist may be used
2.    No more than 2 minutes can be used in total
3.    This news use right is granted for no more than 7 days for both news and magazine programmes

Photo Library
We hold digital images for the majority of performers appearing at the festival which can be downloaded for editorial use – please contact the Press Office for details on how to access these. Also available is a library of general Celtic Connections images from previous festivals. We can also email photographs direct to your picture desks if preferred.

Press cuttings

Recent press cuttings are displayed in the Press Office. Please ask the duty press officer if you would like copies of any articles. Press cuttings can also be emailed in jpeg format.

Events diary
The who, what, where and when of every PR event, album launch or photocall during Celtic Connections.